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Stained Glass artist Willa Story,  creates bespoke pieces for individual home owners or for the commercial sector.  Nothing is too big or too small, from fire screens to windows and doors using traditional stained glass techniques and mosaic methods developed by Willa which usually features her trademark metallic grout.  For furniture and sculptural pieces Willa combines forged steel to give strength and rigidity.  Whatever the project Willa will interpret and use the best method to produce the most appropriate effect.

Willa enjoys collaborating with clients to produce unique truly one-off pieces.  If you would like to discuss commissioning a piece of art please contact us via telephone on 07927016618 or using our handy contact form, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are a few examples of some of our recent commissions:

Under The Microscope

Under the Microscope’ was commissioned by Kenton High School in Newcastle and was inspired by examining in detail the multi facets and different designs and patterns present in cellular structure.  Willa worked with students at the school looking at the patterns organic materials show when examined closely. Willa then interpreted this in glass within a honeycomb cell like steel structure.  Each cell is an individual work of art, often looking at the subject from an unusual angle.  Texture and depth using glass and metal also brings a tactile nature to the work.  The segments come together to give an organic unity.

The piece features interpretation of honey, glucose, graphite cross section, human fertilization, flower/stamens, eye, honeycomb with bee wing, nerves, chloroplasts, blood, fungus, cell division, DNA, fish scales/gills, algae, pollen, brain cross section.

To read more about Under the Microscope click here.


Peacock Commission

The Peacock was commissioned for a 50th Birthday Present.

The final result was a stunning piece, with some unique and interesting personal touches hidden away inside the Peacock design.

To read more about The Peacock click here.


Nest of tables

Our client’s commissioned a nest of unique tables with three floral designs, Poppies, Daisies and Sunflowers.

The bold designs really worked well framed within the black tables and were a real favourite of mine.


View to the Isle of Rum and Eigg

Our client commissioned a unique piece based on the sunset view from their  holiday home in the beautiful west coast of Scotland and was an internal window panel made in stained glass and lead.

View to the Isle of Rum and Eigg


Seven pairs of window shutters for private homeowner

Our client’s commissioned unique artwork in their windows which would act like curtains.  They wanted seven pairs of window shutters for their home, a converted barn, with it’s thick walls with window seats over looking wonderful gardens.  Making the most of these beautiful vistas while capturing the clients personalities Willa cleverly designed them so each pair of shutters reflected some of their favourite flowers from their gardens.

Wooden shutters were individually handmade with panel slits which represented the arrow slits present in the rest of the barn.  In these panels tiffany style glass panels were created.

Downstairs in the sunny kitchen dinning areas:

1. Sunflowers
2. Poppy
3. Yellow Iris
Upstairs in sitting areas
4. foxglove
5. clematis
6. & 7. Pond and dragonflies

The shutters brought an unique touch to the home and enhanced the natural character of the building perfectly.  Willa really enjoyed working on each piece and working with the clients to achieve this stunning result.


Seasons Mosaic Splash back

Our client commissioned ‘Seasons’,  a stained glass mosaic created as a kitchen splash back.  It is positioned directly behind a large arga range which has hob lid tops which, when open, protect the glass.

The mosaic is made out of individually hand cut stained glass on top of wood and a metallic cement grout holds the pieces together.  This method means that detail can be created using small pieces and it is a great way to create pieces which require a lot of intricate design.  The piece follows the seasons from winter to winter and the client was able to choose her favourite flowers in spring and summer and includes fungus for autumn, holly, hazel catkins and ivy for winter.  This piece measured 4 foot by 2 foot but a splash back can be created to fit any size or shape.  Glass mosaic is surprisingly hard wearing and can easily be cleaned.

seasons art
‘Seasons’ splash back mosaic

To commission a splash back or mosaic panel please contact Willa and discuss your ideas.  Price is usually between £270 – £350 per square foot depending on intricacy of design.

This method of mosaic lends itself to creating a variety of decorative interior items such as hanging wall panels, splash backs, shutters, fire screens and dividing screens.


Fire Screens

The client commissioned some fantastic fire screens in three unique designs.


If you would like to commission your own work of art with Willa, however big or small, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.