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Commissions 2020

St Mary's Lighthouse

2020 was a difficult year for everybody, including Unique In Glass. Coronavirus hit the world and the UK was put in to lockdown.  This meant that all the events that we usually attended throughout the year were unfortunately cancelled. 

With no exhibitions and shows to sell my work and exhibit, I had to adapt the business to survive.  Fortunately, I am lucky that I always mange to have wonderful customers who want commissions to keep me busy.  I also started making smaller pieces which I could easily post. 

Some of my favourites to emerge were the rainbow and sunrise window hanging pieces, the cheerful rainbow bunting, hearts, flowers and the mini stained glass frames with limited edition prints.   These can now be purchased at our online shop.

But for the majority of 2020 I was focused on creating a few new commissions.   

These were: 

Warkworth Castle in Spring 

Holy Island 

Sunrise at St Mary’s Lighthouse

Rainbow Lamp Sculpture

Fire Lamp 

Warkworth Castle in Spring 

This was a joyful piece commissioned by a couple who lived in Warkworth, Northumberland.  It was made as a keepsake in memory of the husband’s father who had sadly passed away, but who loved Warkworth Castle in Spring.   The piece now hangs in the couple’s conservatory, which is an ideal location for my artwork as they reflect the light and do not fade in direct sunlight.

Warkworth Castle

Quote from Richard the customer of the Warkworth commission:

“..the artwork she produced now takes pride of place in our glass room over the same spot where my father so enjoyed sitting in the sunshine in his final months.”

As with some of my favourite originals, I photograph and use the prints to make into Limited Edition Coasters and mini stained glass frames.   

You can view a time-lapse of my Warkworth Castle commission being created over on my YouTube channel.

Holy Island 

Holy Island art

Commissioned by a husband for his wife’s special Birthday. 

Quote from David the customer of the Holy Island commission:

”I commissioned that beautiful Holy island piece for my wife’s lockdown birthday . In fact Lindisfarne is her favourite place from school trips as a child until the present day. We have aholiday cottage in Belford an regularly visit Holy Island which is especially nice when the tide is in and you are cut off without any tourists, just the noise of the birds and the tranquility of the environment . Your piece hangs in our house at Prudhoe and is a lasting reminder of Holy Island and we thank you for creating such an incredible work.”

Limited Edition Coasters based on my Holy Island design are available for sale in our online shop. 

Sunrise at St Mary’s 

St Mary’s Lighthouse is an iconic view at Whitley Bay, on the North East coast.  This commission was taken from a client who now lives over in the United States, but Whitley Bay was the place where her father had lived and spent many happy years. 

After he passed away the client wanted to be reminded of her Dad every day and wanted a piece to reflect her heritage and happy times spent with her father.  There is a small figure sitting on the rocks which represents her father, who used to dive from the very same rocks and swim in the sea in his younger years.  The figure in the artwork is looking towards a glorious sunrise and the view of the lighthouse. 

I collaborated and gathered ideas from the client through correspondence via email.  I visited the St Mary’s location when there was a break in lockdown, to get a feel of the place and I even collected a few stones which were embedded in to the piece. That way the client would always have a little piece of the North East in her home in North Carolina.  This memorial piece now hangs in the client’s home office above her desk and she says it brings her a bit of joy every time she sees it. 

St Mary's Lighthouse

Prints from the original artwork are used in our Limited Edition Coasters and stained glass mini frames.  

You can view a time-lapse of my St Mary’s Lighthouse commission being created over on my YouTube channel.

Rainbow Lamp Sculpture 

During the coronavirus pandemic in the UK there was tremendous support for the NHS.  The image of the rainbow became a symbol of support for people wanting to show solidarity with the NHS.  At this time there were thousands of rainbow posters in the windows of houses which was uplifting and give the country a feeling of hope and unity.  Mostly they were painted by children and I love the naivety and simplicity of their design. 

I was commissioned to create a rainbow sculpture by a client who would then have a permanent reminder of 2020, and it would hopefully bring light and happiness to times to come.  The sculpture was made in a curved bevelled design so that a lamp could be positioned behind it.  This way, during the day in the window,  the piece can be viewed as a stained glass sculpture and at night the light can be turned on to give a joyful ambience. 

Rainbow Lamp

Fire Lamp 

This commission was taken in the summer of 2020, and was a gift for Christmas. It suited the client to pay by monthly instalments, so that the gift could be delivered in time for Christmas. 

fire lamp

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