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Wedding Commission

Newcastle Wedding commission

This commission was a large 4 foot piece, which was commissioned by the family of the happy couple which were married at St Mary’s in Newcastle.  Sitting high above the River Tyne with the majestic Tyne Bridge forming a breath-taking backdrop, St Mary’s Heritage Centre is an ideal location for both a wedding reception and a piece of artwork.  

Before the wedding I met up with the couple and discussed things that they felt were important to them. I had the freedom to include these elements into the design.  So, not only did I have the fabulous St Mary’s Church and the magnificent Tyne Bridge to depict, I also had some interesting personal elements to incorporate.  Here are a few, see if you can spot them in the finished piece: 

Firstly, the couple met actually swimming in the River Tyne, so I wanted to show the flowing river as a significant feature.

They were keen Newcastle United supporters, so I designed two magpies (the nickname for Newcastle United supporters) which showed the character of each person in the couple.

A branch from a walnut tree was significant to the bride’s life in Germany.  A walnut tree is in her grandmother’s garden near Leipzig, and walnuts are picked and sent each year. 

The flowers from the wedding day which were sunflowers and gerberas.

Olive trees which featured in the wedding ceremony and symbolised their Mediterranean life. 

In the background there is the couple busking, a cyclist and even a herd of lambs/sheep all of which are important symbols to the happy couple. 

There were a lot of elements to try and incorporate, but at the same time I needed to make a cohesive design, which would feature as a large piece of artwork in their new home together. 

Newcastle Wedding commission

Like all my originals, I photograph the finished work and use prints in Limited Edition Coasters and frames. 

In this particular commission the price for the artwork included coasters, which were individually gift boxed and presented to the guests at the wedding.  This meant they would have a lasting memory of the wonderful day!

The Tyne Bridge section of the artwork features in my Tyne Bridge Limited Edition Coasters in my online shop.

It is also available as a limited edition print with and mini stained glass frames.   

Many wedding venues would provide an ideal subject for a unique stained glass mosaic creation and the resulting limited edition coasters could be given as original wedding favours. 

If you would like to commission your own work of art with Willa, however big or small, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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