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Under The Microscope Commission

microscope art

Under the Microscope’ was commissioned by Kenton High School in Newcastle and was inspired by examining in detail the multi facets and different designs and patterns present in cellular structure.   Willa brief was for a large piece to cover the wall of the newly built science block, looking into the many different areas of biological science as if seen through a microscope.  This large commission took four months and involved a lot of research, collaboration and intricate design.

Willa worked with students at the school looking at the patterns organic materials show when examined closely.  Willa then interpreted this stunning natural beauty of design in glass within a honeycomb cell like steel structure.  Each cell is an individual work of art, often looking at the subject from an unusual angle.  Texture and depth using glass and metal also brings a tactile nature to the work.  The segments come together to give an organic unity.

The piece features interpretation of honey, glucose, graphite cross section, human fertilization, flower/stamens, eye, honeycomb with bee wing, nerves, chloroplasts, blood, fungus, cell division, DNA, fish scales/gills, algae, pollen, brain cross section.

The final result was a stunning piece, filling the wall with of the newly built school.  Each piece draws you in further and further with layers of detail and pattern just like a microscope.  The completed glass structure holds a special place in Willa’s heart and remains to this day one of her favourite commissions.

willa with art

Willa had never worked with students before and found it very inspiring. ‘Under the Microscope’ takes centre stage in the science block of the school.  

If you would like to commission your own work of art with Willa, however big or small, please contact us, we’d love to here from you.

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