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Peacock Commission

The Peacock was commissioned for a 50thBirthday Present. It is about 1m high by 70 cm and consists of hand cut stained glass mounted onto wood and grouted in a mosaic style.

The final result was a stunning piece, with some unique and interesting personal touches hidden away inside the Peacock design.  Within the piece special items are incorporated which have great meaning to the client.  These include one single gold ear ring, a piece of flint and various stones and sea glass pieces which the customer had collected from her travels.

I loved this idea.  I enjoy collaborating with clients to produce unique truly one-off pieces.

The glass cutting for the feathers was particularly intricate and although it took a long time to achieve, I was happy with the detailed and colourful outcome.

If you would like to commission your own work of art with Willa, however big or small, please contact us, we’d love to here from you.

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